We are a group of young Iraqi technicians specializing in technology and digital networks. We have eight years of experience creating, designing, setting up, and implementing networks infrastructure.

This is our story

Before eight years, we started working in Iraqi ISPs such as Earthlink, HRiNS, Orient, and NoonTech. We established local and remote networks for many private and governmental sectors. Trained in Iraqi Local Licensed Partner Centers such as MKNets and Titanium and international academies such as Cisco and Mikrotik, and programming courses and servers such as Windows Server and Cloud Services. Here is a Sample of Our Achievements.

Why we created OCTOPUSNI

We believe that the Iraqi market is growing in digital archiving and automation technology, so we are here to be an influential part of this development.

Behind every great product, there is a great mind.

We have no other choice for success but hard work.